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ThetaHealing® taster session - (60 mins)

ThetaHealing® taster session - (60 mins)

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This is a ThetaHealing® session to release something that is bothering you, a particular problem or issue that you are contending with. It can be purchased to trial the modality out and to release any issue that requires immediacy.

For longer term changes, a 1 or 2 or 3 months package session of Wellbeing Mentoring with ThetaHealing® is more beneficial.

ThetaHealing® is a modality that harnesses the Theta brainwave state to recalibrate body and mind by releasing limiting beliefs that cause stress, anxiety, dis-sease and emotional disturbances.

Using a highly intuitive methodology gained during intense training, the practitioner consciously assists a client in releasing limiting beliefs that cause anxiety, diseases, insomnia, feeling stuck, career issues and lack of self worth. A session facilitates improvement in a client's wellbeing by releasing any belief systems and physical ailments.

The practitioner can intuitively scan the body and energetic space of the client to understand what is causing the blockage and through gentle probing, the root of the problem is understood, released and the situation is changed for good.

Also by releasing past traumas ThetaHealing® alleviates the nervous system and puts the body in a state of harmony propelling its ability to heal.

The modality is fast and effective, there is no need to re-live any experienced trauma, all is released gently and effectively. Permanent changes and mental benefits are best achieved over the course of at least 3 sessions.

Before your session you will be asked to fill in a client form to briefly explain your condition so that the practitioner can help you get to the root of the problem more swiftly and effectively.

Sessions can be done on Skype or in person.

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® releases anxiety, mental blocks, physical pains and much more.

In a session we can release limiting beliefs that keeps you stuck and stops you from living in full harmony with Self and Life, Theta Healing is a fast and effective method to repattern thinking and rewire your mind.

A practitioner taps into the Theta state of mind and the quantum field of possibility to witness any changes which create permanent change in the client and release trauma and any beliefs that keeps one stuck in trauma, anxiety, bad relationships etc.


A healing technique that instantly changes deep-rooted belief systems, releases trauma and stuck emotions in the energy body and organs that cause un-ease and dis-ease.

We practice according to the precepts laid out by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK).


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