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THERMIE therapy sorensensistem™ (3 Sessions)

THERMIE therapy sorensensistem™ (3 Sessions)

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Product Details

THERMIE therapy sorensensistem™ consists of applying heat to zones and points on the body, using natural Japanese herbs, prepared as thin incense smoking sticks and then placed in a special metal tube.

The herbs and the heat have a therapeutic effect and the smoke from the herbs has a pleasant smell that acts as aromatherapy during treatment.

Upon stimulation of the zones and pressure on nerves and acupuncture points on the skin, THERMIE therapy acts on the nervous and endocrine systems and activates the immune system and the blood circulation.

The treatment also has an anti-inflammatory effect and immediately relieves pain in general all over the body including joints, muscles and bones.

When muscles are tense, accumulated waste substances can cause pain, stiffness and muscle spasms. By increasing the blood and lymph circulation to and from the muscles using THERMIE therapy the separation of the harmful waste products accelerates. At the same time fresh blood and oxygen flow flows into body tissues giving an overall sense of wellbeing.

THERMIE therapy increase vitality.

The combination of zone and point stimulation, heat and aromatherapy enhances the therapeutic effect and provides a profound and beneficial effect on health.

THERMIE sorensensistem™ FOR BEAUTY

As THERMIE therapy increase the skin's blood flow and cellular metabolism, new cells are formed, which results in a reduction of spots and wrinkles.

Likewise eye bags and dark circles under the eyes and droopy eyelids disappear very fast and shine in the eyes recover much faster than you've seen with other anti-aging methods.

This is a great supplement treatment to Japanese Cosmo Lifting!

THERMIE therapy is also great for removing scars.


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