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THERMIE therapy + Cosmo Japanese lifting (90 mins)

THERMIE therapy + Cosmo Japanese lifting (90 mins)

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Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ also known as Neuro-Reflex Therapy is and effective and a natural methodology that promotes health and aids rehabilitation of many conditions.


Cosmo Japanese Face Lifting sorensensistem™

What is Japanese Lifting?

Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a natural, non-surgical, face-lifting beauty treatment developed and taught by the internationally renowned reflexology expert Lone Sorensen, who has over 30 years of experience in facial therapy.

For over a decade Lone has been working and teaching Japanese, the background for this special creation is beauty performance without surgery

Why Japanese Lifting?

Japanese Lifting is the ultimate beauty and rejuvenation method that helps you to look and feel healthier, younger and more energized. Within the first session you will notice a visible difference in your face and skin and feel renewed!

Improvements will feel like:

Rejuvenation in the face

Reduced wrinkles and fewer deep joints

Improve skin and muscle tone

Refreshed skin

Elimination of toxins

Balanced body functions

Relaxation of the body

How does Japanese Lifting work?

It utilises a combination of points on the face related to the meridians from Oriental medicine, reflex points from the Vietnamese method and other types of points to stimulate and treat skin quality. These techniques also directly impact muscle tissues and is a wonderful muscle technique for the eyes, opening the eyes by increasing blood circulation and preventative to keep the eyes and sight in best health conditions.


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