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Sorensensistem™ Reflex Therapy

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Sorensensistem™ Reflex Therapy

The Energy Space provides two types of Sorensensistem™ reflexology: Facial Reflexology Therapy and THERMIE Reflex Therapy

Facial Reflex Therapy sorensensistem™

Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem™ - a holistic reflexology treatment carried out on the facee that was researched and developed by Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen.

What can I expect from a treatment? 

The client is fully clothed and lies flat on a treatment couch in an ambience of peace, gentle sounds and neutral aromas which creates an atmosphere of blissful relaxation to drive away any stress of days and weeks.

The system works by using gentle facial massage techniques that stimulate in a focused and precise matter certain reflex points and nerve points on the face and scalp. This is often done in combinations to stimulate the brain using the nervous system to send impulses directly to affect corresponding specific parts of the body. This helps bring the body’s life force energy back into alignment and balance.

Tomoyo Nozaki is a certified Sorensensistem™ reflexologist and also practices Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting.

This treatment is only available in Japan (Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo). For bookings please contact Tomoyo directly at


THERMIE Reflex Therapy sorensensistem™

THERMIE Therapy sorensensistem™ is based on a combination of Reflex Therapy using muscle stimulation and nerve and acupuncture points on face, feet and hands.

It consists of applying heat to zones and points on the body, using natural Japanese herbs, prepared as thin incense smoking sticks and then placed in a special metal tube.

The combination of point stimulation, heat and aromatherapy enhance the therapeutic effect and provide a profound and beneficial effect on health.

The treatments is beneficial for a wide variety of symptoms including inflammatory conditions and pain.

The treatment is especially good for muscular pain, migraine, depression, apathy, lack of energy, feelings of emptiness, emotional stress, insomnia, insecurity and fear.

With this technique it is also possible to treat specific problems such as muscle tension, the consequences of postural issues, and muscle problems such as sciatica, heel spur, shoulder, neck tension, lower back problems, facial nerves issues etc.

This treatment is only available in Japan, (Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo). For bookings please contact Tomoyo directly at