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Our Team Members

Our multicultural team of practitioners brings a wealth of experience from the corporate, healthcare and holistic worlds to give you a new paradigm in healing at the level of mind, body and spirit. We bring life-changing sessions to our clients through modalities that are steeped in science and are proven methodologies tested in thousands of patients. Our holistic approach means that all our services are aimed at helping you achieve harmony between your body and mental wellbeing. We aim to provide rapid changes and long-term benefit.

Federation of Holistic Therapists
Federation of Holistic Therapists

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Nikos Chatzibalassis
Nikos Chatzibalassis BioPhotonic Instructor and Holistic Practitioner

Nikos is a Certified BioPhotonic Therapy instructor and BioPhotonics Analysis specialist, researcher and holistic therapy practitioner.

Nikos brings a wealth of experience with specialisation garnered in advanced energetic therapeutics such as Bioresonance scanning and Bioresonance Treatment, Vegetative Resonance Treatment, and Non-Linear Scanning System. 

In his 10 year plus career Nikos has scanned more than 3000 clients providing them with optimum therapeutic options tailored to individual conditions. He regularly holds seminars teaching medical doctors and professional holistic therapists bioresonance practice in his homeland, Greece. 

Having trained in a multitude of modalities including homeopathy, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology, iridology, applied kinesiology, physioregulation and geopathology, Nikos is able to provide personalised treatments to his clients.

Nikos' desire to find the interdependence between mental and emotional energy and the cellular energetic signatures that manifest at subconscious level has propelled his research. 

With an inherent admiration and reverence of Divine creation, Nikos explores esoteric ethics in the context of a human being's readiness to heal and the limitations of therapeutics, and provides guidance accordingly. 

Nikos graduated from Aristotle University, Thessaloniki in 1991.


Vineta Kravale
Vineta Kravale Certified Neuroptimal Therapist & Trainer

Vineta’s mission to help others began when she started to search answers to her own life. Seeking to find the solutions to the many ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ through various talking therapies, Vineta stumbled upon NeurOptimal, a technology that would change her life. After seeing amazing results in herself after a relatively short time, Vineta decided to embark on a journey where she would help others with this experience by becoming herself a NeurOptimal therapist.

Coming from an accounting background, the change was very daunting at first, but soon dissipated when she saw the positive impact NeurOptimal was having on her clients. Since starting her journey, Vineta has assisted hundreds of clients affected by a variety of conditions to improve their life in a safe and natural way. Conditions where NeurOptimal has achieved excellent results include mental health disorders, physical ailments such as cancer pain, insomnia, ADHD and behavioural patterns due to stress and anxiety.

Vineta studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is also a certified Neuroptimal Neurofeedback trainer. NeurOptimal has been tested in thousands of patients and is among the few certified brain entrainment devices that has never reported any adverse effects. Throughout her life, friends and family have often tapped into Vineta for advice, but now she has found her niche in helping people on a wider scale and with substantially positive results.

Sarah Chessa
Sarah Chessa Wellbeing Coach and Mentor with ThetaHealing®

Trained in ThetaHealing® with a strong understanding of mind-body anatomy and a background in pharmaceuticals and healthcare gained over 13 years in the corporate and complementary therapy environments, Sarah can facilitate long term reversal of many mind & body conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and physical ailments.

Sarah bridges science and spirituality through her deep interest in energy medicine, biophysical processes and the body's own capacity to heal. Sarah is able to coach client to release blocks that hinder success, abundance and physical wellbeing.

Specialised in identifying and releasing belief systems that keeps one locked in negative states of mind, Sarah assists you in finding and living your life purpose, feeling abundantly vibrant and healthy.

Tomoyo Nozaki
Tomoyo Nozaki Temprana Reflex Therapist

Tomoyo has been in the healing arts for more than 25 years and brings a wealth of experience from the wisdom of Japan and its philosophy and culture. Tomoyo's experience in complementary therapies spreads overy six countries where she trained, obtaining over 60 certifications during her life's work. She not only does individual sessions for mind, body and spiritual care but is also a regular speaker at lectures, seminars, courses and workshops.

Tomoyo has featured on the Financial Times' How To Spend It magazine for her Japanese cosmofacial lifting. She divides her time between high quality Spas as a beauty therapist and assisting people in their healing journey in hospitals as a complementary therapist.   

Tomoyo is a well-known Temprana Reflex Therapist who specialises on children with special needs, especially with brain damage, autism and learning difficulties. Tomoyo is committed to her clients and tailores treatment to the individual person. She often takes care of all the family members of her clients when they see the successful and sometimes life-changing results her work brings to them.