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NeurOptimal (Taster session)

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Product Details

The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system is a highly personalized brain training software that prompts the central nervous system to help make the best use of your brain's neural resources. Neurofeedback training for the brain is similar to physical training for the body.

Communicating with the central nervous system, brain training with NeurOptimal® can help improve mental acuity, physical and cognitive performance, as well as enhance focus. With over 3 million hours of use worldwide, NeurOptimal® is an advanced, time-tested, safe and effective dynamical neurofeedback® system.

What does a session involve?

The NeurOptimal® trainer will complete a thorough assessment with you and may have you fill out a survey listing your complaints and/or challenges that have brought you into our clinic.

You will next be placed in a quiet space, in a reclined lafuma. The trainer will attach special sensors to your head that will feed your brain wave patterns into the NeurOptimal® program’s software.

A neurofeedback training session is relaxing, enjoyable and overall lasts one hour. As the NeurOptimal® session starts, you will hear music play through earbuds. You will hear occasional “skips” or interruptions in the music – this is the signal that prompts your brain to “reset” and optimize itself.



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