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Biophotonic scan for fertility

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Biophotonic scan for fertility

Would you like to assess your fertility levels?

Using an advanced biophotonic scan that assesses the state of health of your body's internal organs, our therapist is able to identify low energy points in the body and any other imbalances such as viruses, bacteria and the presence of heavy metals that could be keeping your body stuck in tension. With the scan the therapist is able to provide a bespoke and tailored plan to bring the body back to a state of harmony, health and fertility. 

Fertility plans will vary according to the individual and add-on services can be recommended. Among the services offered by the therapist are nutritional advice, bespoke homeopathic remedies, a tincture, sound healing and immune boosting remedies to ensure optimum results.

Sessions are available for both men and women individually or as a couple looking to conceive naturally with an effective methodology that is safe and affordable.